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Product : Rubber Process Analyzer [RPA ]Model : UR-2020



a. Partially supposed variable test parameters have been built up in advance, can directly loading or revising condition to carry out the test.

b. Can adopt the optional UCAD software to choose the excellent formula-matching and experimental recommendations.

c. Using the precise electronic circuit to isolate various kinds of noises; getting good performance in
reproducibility and repeatability by our exclusive DSP analysis program.

d. Automatically torque value and loss angle calibrating.



a. The standard UR-2020 consists of one main testing unit and one subunit of control and data analysis equipped with one 1GB compatible computer,19” colour monitor, 80GB HDD, one HP-D2560 colour jet printer, and one 16X DVD-ROM.

b. Operation System:Microsoft Windows XP.

c. Language:English

d. Manufacturing Standards:in compliance with ASTM D5289 ,D6204, D6601

e. Temperature:From room temperature to 250℃, PID control. Decreasing temperature by air cooled; The heating and cooling speed can reach1℃/sec.

f. Temperature accuracy:within±0.3℃

g. Temperature display resolution:0.1℃

h. Oscillating frequency : 0.03Hz to 33Hz(2 – 2000mpc), at 0.02Hz increment.

i. Torque Range:preset at 25,50,100,200 in-lb; or discretionary at user’s pleasure

j. Torque unit:in-lb., cm-kg., or dN-m.

k. Oscillating angle :±0.05°to 90°of arc(±0.07% ~±1256%), at 0.14% increment.

l. Frequency/Angle limit: Limited by frequency(cpm)*angle (°of arc)=2047

m. Motor: Direct Drive Servo Motor, angle resolution: 650,000pulse/rev

n. Temperature controller: Micro temperature controller, reactive time 50ms.

o. Torque sensor: Resolution can reach 0.2%

p. Electricity Supply:AC120V±10%,50/60Hz±3Hz,15A,Single Phase. Others are selectable by order.

q. Air pressure Supply:4.5kg/cm2 or 65 Psi (Air-compressor is to be user’s own equipment.).

r. Size of Specimen: about 5cm3.